Blood: movie review

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3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

Two cop brothers (Paul Bettany and Graham), both products of a retired, regentlike police-chief dad (Brian Cox), investigate a homicide case. An interrogation goes horribly wrong, forcing the kin to cover their tracks; meanwhile, a colleague (Mark Strong) senses that something is amiss. Familial bonds, moral free falls, sins of the father, power, corruption and lies; you could not ask for a more Shakespearean setup, and for a long while, British filmmaker Nick Murphy works wonders with his rich crime-film material. That he can’t sustain the level of dramatic tension that Bill Gallagher’s script requires (the movie is adapted from the BBC veteran’s TV series Conviction) is a bummer, though you still get to bask in wonderful performances—notably Graham’s, finally proving he’s capable of supplying more than just laddish swagger and rage. Casting agents, you have a modern Jimmy Cagney in your midst; get to work.

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92 mins

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Nick Murphy
Paul Bettany
Mark Strong
Brian Cox
Stephen Graham

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