Bomb the System


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NYU graduate Adam Bhala Lough's first feature, set in the modern-day world of renegade New York artists, is suffused with a hopelessly naive notion of "bombing" graffiti as a form of rebellious visual poetry. Strangely, it's also occasionally out of sync with 21st-century realities: These days, what NYC hardware store doesn't keep the spray paint under lock and key? Still, Lough's fictional love letter to the city's anticorporate lost boys throbs with energy and style, even if there's not much substance under the seductive surface.



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Cast and crew

Adam Bhala Lough
Adam Bhala Lough
Mark Webber
Jaclyn Desantis
Jade Yorker
Al Sapienza
Bonz Malone
Joey Dedio
Stephen Buchanan
Kumar Pallana

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