Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N.

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CS Forester's seafaring epic of the 19th century adapted as a surging tribute to 'bravery', to long-gone 'leaders', and as much a study of the heroic spirit as an action romp. Peck is Hornblower, Mayo the initially ill-fated love interest, and Walsh seems more interested in their inner life and emotional vulnerability, which makes for an oddly limpid (but often quite beautiful) and non-dynamic work from such a primal force.

By: CW

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Cast and crew

Director: Raoul Walsh
Screenwriter: Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts, Aeneas Mackenzie
Cast: Gregory Peck
Virginia Mayo
Robert Beatty
Denis O'Dea
Terence Morgan
James Robertson Justice
Stanley Baker
Christopher Lee
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