Dr Dolittle 2

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This adolescent claptrap, complete with basement humour and barrel-scraping dialogue, treads a path similar to that of its predecessor. A raccoon insists that Dr D (Murphy) meet head honcho the Beaver. Their forest is about to be cleared by ruthless loggers, and nothing can save the furry folk except a preservation order. A rare Pacific Western bear provides an incentive for Dolittle to solve the crisis. The creatures are mostly irritating, Murphy is in cruise mode, and a subplot involving the doctor's family plays like an afterthought.

By: DA

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Cast and crew

Director: Steve Carr
Screenwriter: Larry Levin
Cast: Eddie Murphy
Kristen Wilson
Jeffrey Jones
Kevin Pollak
Kyla Pratt
Lil' Zane
Lisa Kudrow
Jacob Vargas
Michael Rapaport
Isaac Hayes