For Greater Glory

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For Greater Glory

The true(ish) story of the rebellion against Mexico’s anticlerical government in the 1920s, this drama styles itself as a cinematic epic, but its substance is as flimsy as a Jack Chick pamphlet. It’s got scope, or at least size, sprawling across nearly two and a half hours and following dozens of different characters, ranging from Andy Garcia’s retired general—a skeptic who ends up sporting a king-size cross—to Mauricio Kuri’s altar-boy-in-training, converted to the cause after Federales gun down his kindly priest.

The movie doesn’t shy away from the excesses committed by the Cristeros in defense of their faith, but they’re swamped by the atheist brutality of the government troops, who lustily gut priests and torture children. Visual-effects veteran Dean Wright, making his directing debut, stages the battles capably (if bloodlessly) but has little command over his actors, which makes them difficult to keep straight as he ping-pongs from one mustachioed freedom fighter to the next. The intervention of an American ambassador (Bruce Greenwood) more concerned with protecting oil interests than religious freedom provides obvious contemporary resonance, but when Garcia instructs his troops in guerrilla tactics, the reference points lean more toward the Revolutionary War’s heroic Minutemen than jihadists. Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, but let’s not get carried away here.

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By: Sam Adams


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Release date: Friday June 1 2012
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Raymond Koepsell

Same gave a good movie 1 of 5 stars, because there are too many minutes and too many characters, plus he can’t keep the “mustachioed freedom fighters” straight because they all look alike to him? Wow, some other film critic might justifiably be called racist for such an overbroad generalization of the physical appearance of Hispanic actors.

L J Wielenga

How ironic the public school history books overlooked this vital piece of history in the war on religious liberty. Another slam against the Catholic Church perhaps? I'm not surprised by any of the secular reviews of the movie - Catholics and people of faith expected nothing different than a thumbs down approach/attitude. And we have not been disappointed in the media rantings of those who found the movie choppy or disorientated or not "perfect" in the realm of celluloid goldens. HOWEVER, for those who applaud the making of the movie and the story line that has been brought to forefront:: Religious Liberty, the movie is a GREAT SUCCESS, well worth the money to go see it, and definitely worth a 2nd viewing. FOR GREATER GLORY is a PEOPLE movie about REAL events - Christ centered events, not the run of the mill fantasy movie of good and evil hyped up with unrealistic visual effects like most Hollywood movies are that need to keep the adrenalin pumping. Nor is FGG peppered with vulgarity and nude sex scenes to hold one's attention. The story is told without one G.D. or other spicy words to offend the senses of the audience. Just goes to prove that a movie/book can be produced that doesn't use foul language to tell the plot of a good story line - whether fact or fiction. The theater going world definitely NEEDS more movies of this genre. The other ones are so common and passe ~ a big yawn.