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Best Disney films: Frozen

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Fearless optimist Anna sets off on an epic journey-teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven-to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom.


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Friday January 31 2014
108 mins

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Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee, Shane Morris

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3 / 5

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It sounds like some of you want Disney to put out an animated version of "Requiem for a Dream." If you didn't enjoy this, stay away from animation geared at kids and do something you enjoy kicking the dog.

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Well, I am surprised. I can understand someone giving this movie a three if they are picky but anything below that just seems like a cry for attention or someone with unwieldy expectations for this particular film. It is a Disney animated film for the whole family. It should be judged as such. Honestly, this begs on your credibility. That aside, I could have given this movie a 5 star but there were some predictable elements, and the relationship between the two main protagonists [Elsa being a form of antagonist] was a little shallow.

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Did you watch the movie? Hans doesnt go with Anna to find Elsa. C'mon son! It's true the story line is similar to other Disney movies, but which others have such s big plot twist at the end, and I loved how it even poked fun at past Disney movies. I'll admit not all the scenes add up, and they certainly had more potential here, but if you're going to pick at this movie, do it right.

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You have no idea what you're talking about. I sure hope people don't take your reviews serious.

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Bull. This movie was amazing. Original, unpredictable, great storyline, and incredible songs. If it didnt tug at your heartstrings maybe you just have a frozen heart. Bad review

I'm thinking you must have been in the wrong movie theater.  Hope this isn't your day job.

I love this movie, easily tops my list. It's a movie you've got to watch with a lot of heart, not mind. 

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Ahhh, I hated this movie so much and I'm one of the biggest Disney fans out there. So disappointing.

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I'll give it 2 stars for excellent animation and some pretty good musical numbers. However, its garbage aside from that. I read the other reviews. Pretty predictable. Disney gets a pass because of their reputation. Unfortunately, we live in a world where Disney could probably film someone taking a dump in a bag and everyone would swoon and rave. Brainless idiots.... I've been to Disney World 9 times and I love Disney and most everything that they create. They laid an egg here. This movie is devoid of any decent story, its completely uninspiring, and unless you are trying to keep the eight year old girls in your kid's slumber party out of trouble, its really a huge waste of time - and money. A very disappointing second effort by Disney Animation Studios. I'd say Pixar is not too worried right about now.

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It's good, but not great. "Don't know if I'm elated or gassy, but I'm somewhere in that zone." That's probably how I felt after I watched the movie. Too many songs that didn't need to be there, Let it go was THE exception, Elsa was spot on. And too much talk about love and love experts, yet there was no chemistry between Ana and Kristoff. They were too focused on Hans being a great guy and eventually being the twist of it all that in consequence, they were not able to create a real sweet moment for Ana and Kristoff, not even a duet to feel that there was even something there. Don't hate the negative comments, to some it was great, to some it was just ok, for me, great animation but the story felt a little cold.

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awesome visuals and an original story don't make an awesome story line. the movie seemed to be everywhere. I think that maybe if it were a cartoon series, we would get to know all of the characters more personally with each episode - if executed correctly. I didn't enjoy it as much as my little sister, but at least I didn't feel like wanting my money back like with "planes" at the end of the movie.

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Just watched it. The movie bored me at the beginning, got me with the Ice Queen musical number, and then kind of wobbled on from there. I think you probably summed it up quite well.

(Having only heard of it today, the only preconception I had was that it was a well-recieved movie.)

If I had to describe this movie, it would be, 'worked better than Brave, not as well as Tangled'. They're obviously determined to do some kind of 'modern subversion' of Disney to make a feminist film (maybe the word is 'progressive' but feminism seems to be the prevalent theme), and they're just going to keep going until they get one that openly teaches their 'modern message', while not being a sucky movie. (Good luck.) And then keep going until they've remade cinema and society according to this new vision. For now, they're just trying to sneak it in. Very awkwardly.

But here's to list some of what I'd consider the most negative bits of the film.


1) Message: Special snowflake girl is repressed (like apparently every single female protag in every single animation they're making now), she's too dutiful to her parents, and this is very bad. She's not even allowed to have feelings, because parents hate your feelings.

Moral: Parents, stop trying to tell your misunderstood teenage daughters what to do and repressing all their inner magic.

2) Love interest had pretty much nothing going for him. He doesn't do anything useful, honestly (except give a good line or two). At least if he were a damsel in distress he'd be pretty, and - we'd - care...

3) NOTHING HAPPENS. Seriously, we're getting like this arc of Snow Queen's descent into self-tortured villany, and then she is redeemed by the power of love (and punching a guy in the face), and that's it! There's like nothing that *really* happens, just things that *almost* happen. She only made one henchman for crying out loud. That's just lazy.

The thing that I dislike most about these kinds of films is that it seems to be trying to validate girls resenting their parents. They're family films that keep saying parents aren't to be trusted. (The sister bonding is great, but I did kinda laugh at that last 'punch-dude-hug-girl' scene. Such a lesbo vibe. (Lol. Just did a google. Guess I'm not the only one. I can actually see people are getting that impression of overall pro-gay from the film, ice girl almost literally being 'in a closet' for the whole thing. But if that was the idea, it was too subtle for kids (and me) to matter.)

Basically, just like 'Brave', it's a film that "seems" like it doesn't know if it wants to be a feminist or a princess movie, and kind of sprawls on its face trying to be both. Except it's already apparent that the creators are just trying to make a "modern" feminist movie that disguises itself with beautifuller princesses that sing about how repressed they are.

(I bet the same people were even involved, too.)

Here's the thing. The more feminism they manage to put in the movies is directly related to how unlikeable they are (for everyone who doesn't like it just for the 'message' and subversion). The more tight-rope walking they have to do to avoid this, the more muddled and directionless the story is, because one step to the left, the movie is bad, one step to the right, they have to give up the feminist message. (Yes, honestly, it's that simple. They're trying to subvert the things that we actually like the most. The whole industry is built on boy + girl. It's the most fundamental aspect of our species.) This is the eternal conundrum Marvel faced (and faces) with Wonder Woman. She's most likeable when she's being feminine, least likeable when she's being an agitating feminist (or feminist sockpuppet). Which is why they compensate for the latter by making her as... *ahem*... womanly as possible.

But I think the movie 'Frozen' was better than 'Brave' because the red-head princess was more likeable, and there was actually a boy involved for banter. So they're refining their formula. Even though everyone else turned out pretty boring and useless.

The thing is, I didn't actually hate this movie, I rolled my eyes and made a frowny face at some of the daft lines the ice queen sings, but I could imagine myself watching it again maybe once more, so I *would* give it a 3. But I have a serious problem with the whole destructive 'resent your family' thing they're doing in a FAMILY film. So I've revised it to a 2.

My 25 zillion cents.

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For those of you being negatively judgmental towards this viewer, please don't. Everyone has a right to their own opinion on movies. Just because someone doesn't like the same movie as you, especially if it's loved by most other people, does not mean that person should be frowned upon. I personally did not enjoy Frozen either, but that's my opinion, just like everyone else has an opinion towards a movie. All this does is make you seem like you are trying to change someone else. You all have different views. Leave it at that.

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Pretty much agree with the writer here. Too many uncomfortable moments, too many songs in such a short span of time, and was VERY predictable.

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Gotta agree with the writer. Aside from an interesting twist at the end it was pretty much the same old Disney movie rehashed in a different package. Several parts of the movie along with the music just seemed awkward. It had it's cute moments but was overall an unmemorable experience. The Disney intro (with 1930's Mickey and Minnie), however, was very creative and quite entertaining!

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The movie is...ok. Not good, not great, just. ..ok. It's at least better than planes but not as good as tangled. The songs in most disney movies go with the flow but the songs in this movie feel like an interruption of that precious flow(also, they feel more suited to a life on Broadway). Some parts feel rushed. ( I.e. The parents death - was that a bambie moment there?) Olaf is an annoying idiot who does have his funny moments. If only he would shut up when there are no words needed. They totally missed out on an opportunity for Ann to realize an ironic moment during the trolls song. I was betting that hans would turn out to be a villian Because I Sort Of Didn't Want Him ending up with ann. I will give disney credit for the twist on the "true love melts a frozen heart" moment.