Greek immigrant street kids kick against their lot in Munich's low rent Hasenbergl district. Besides the city's bequest of poverty and racism, Maikis has problems with authority, his little jailbait brother Christos helps mum with the rent stealing and turning tricks in the train station. A couple of benign adult figures offer what help they can. Made for TV, it's fluent, committed, close focused and engaging up to a point, but more perspective or more character depth might have fortified it.

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Cast and crew

Christian Wagner
Gabriela Sperl
Ioannis Tsialas
Toni Osmani
Barbara Rudnik
Günther Maria Halmer
Renate Becker
Julia Dietze
Marian Lösch
Nezâ Selbuz
Mehdi Moinzadeh
Fatih Sahanoglou