Got to Run

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1 out of 5 stars
Got to Run
Inept and inane, this low-to-no budget British drama from one-man movie machine Robbie Moffat (a Scot who churns out three cheapo films a year) is about Sarah (Suzanne Kendall), an unhappy underwear saleswoman and jogger from Slough who, while on a work trip, finds inspiration from the British landscape to leave her job and dead-end partner. Which means she jogs around Lindisfarne, Glencoe and other beauty spots while smiling and rediscovering herself. It’s so technically horrible – acting, writing, sound and lighting are appalling – that it looks like a porn film without the money scenes (although Moffat gives us Kendall lolling about in her undies). There’s a comedy Irishman, a cartoon businessman and even a Frenchwoman called Madame Colette who runs a sex shop. It looks like Britain, it sounds like Britain – but ‘Got to Run’ doesn’t exist in any known universe.

By: Dave Calhoun


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Cast and crew

Director: Robbie Moffat
Screenwriter: Robbie Moffat
Cast: Suzanne Kendall