Guy Maddin: Waiting for Twilight

Ostensibly a 'making of' documentary for Maddin's ill-fated feature Twilight of the Ice Nymphs‚ this affectionate portrait of the one-of-a-kind auteur looks at his fraught Winnipeg childhood and silent cinema influences, drops in choice footage of his earliest short films, and includes typically vivid and illuminating interviews with Maddin himself. JWin.

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Cast and crew

Noam Gonick
Noam Gonick, Caelum Vatnsdal
Guy Maddin
Pascale Bussières
Shelley Duvall
Frank Gorshin
Alice Krige
RH Thomson
Paul Cox
Ian Handford
John Harvie
Greg Klymkiw
Herdis Maddin
John Paizs
Geoff Pevere
Stephen Snyder
George Toles
Bill Sciak
Tom Waits