Gypsy Soul

Taking inspiration from Romeo and Juliet, and also probably Strictly Ballroom, this flamenco romance is a fairy tale set in Madrid. Handsome, womanising Antonio wants to become a flamenco star, but hasn't enough gypsy in his soul to pass muster - that's also the problem when he meets and falls for Lucia, a serious student whose patriarchal family don't want her hanging out with non-gypsies. Stylishly shot but with no new spin on macho mores.

By: GA

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Cast and crew

Chus Gutiérrez
Antonio Conesa, Juan Vicente Córdoba, Joaquin Jordà, Chus Gutiérrez
Amara Carmona
Pedro Alonso
Loles León
Rafael Alvárez 'El Brujo'
Julieta Serrano