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Hello Herman
Hello Herman

There’s no equivalent to the Son of Sam law for bad art, but in the unlikely event that Michelle Danner’s opportunistic school-shooting homily becomes a hit, such legislation should be a top priority. Framed as a series of interviews between a journalist (Norman Reedus) and a high-school shooter (Garrett Backstrom) whose rampage left 42 dead, this drama (scripted by John Buffalo Mailer, Norman’s youngest son) peddles such shopworn culprits as school bullies, violent video games and a troubled home life. But it barely tries to offer insight into its much-debated subject, content to rip the scab off an ever-fresh wound for the sake of controversy. The most fitting punishment is to simply ignore its existence.

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Big fan of Norman Reedus since Boondock Saints. You can watch this movie online and I recommend it. Well acted and well directed. Hellohermanthemovie.com

I thought this movie was important, profound, and relevant. Well acted and well directed. Love Norman Reedus! You can watch it online hellohermanthemovie.com

This film truly is thought provoking. I was pulled in the second it started and I never lost interest. It really does raise awareness of teenagers and what they experience in school and at home. A lot of what the main character feels is disconnect from the people at his school and never really truly fitting in. Herman was just a lost kid who didn’t know what else to do to make people actually notice him and he decided to act upon this with violence. The movie puts forth a very pressing issue in our society today.

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The film has great message - no one becomes a murderer over night. It’s not just a parenting issue, it’s also responsibility within society and every single individual. I did enjoyed the movie!

We are so focused on gun control - but teen violence is soo much more than that. It's about not having a culture that feeds into the violence (any type of it) being ok. And that starts a home - and continues in schools who continue to turn a blind eye on rough housing and bullying - like it's part of our great american culture. It's hard to watch the movie because it points the finger at all of us - but in many ways we are responsible.