In the Shadow Of Women

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4 out of 5 stars
In the Shadow Of Women

The sturdy elements of ’60s-era French romantic drama—crummy (yet charming) apartments, horrible breakup scenes and a relaxed sense of time—come together in this beautifully realized black-and-white throwback. You could call the film a ménage à trois, but it’s hardly that salacious. All three points of the triangle are equally compelling: Just as we’re bonding with insecure Manon (Clotilde Courau) while her mom cuts her down 
to size over sandwiches in a brasserie, we see her fickle filmmaker husband, Pierre (Stanislas Merhar), flirting with an intern, Elisabeth (Lena Paugam).

Even as the trio heads into a complicated dance of multiple infidelities, In the Shadow of Women never villainizes any of them. (The title suggests a certain imbalance of power, yet Pierre acts boldly too.) Director Philippe Garrel has, over a 50-year career, devoted himself to paying close attention to the waning passions of love and politics alike; Regular Lovers (2005) still feels like his masterpiece, but the way he enlists his actor son, Louis, to supply some droll offscreen narration suggests the filmmaker could never be boring.

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By: Joshua Rothkopf


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Release date: Friday January 15 2016
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