Indie Game: The Movie

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Indie Game: The Movie

Generation NES has come of age, and it’s giving the corporate bigwigs a run for their money. Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky’s engaging if superficial doc profiles the independent game designers behind Super Meat Boy, Braid and Fez—all of which were in varying stages of development or release during the film’s shooting. Fez creator Phil Fish’s story is most involving, in large part because of his paranoid perfectionism (he unveiled an acclaimed demo of the game in 2007, yet is still tweaking it four years later), and there are several Zen-insightful comments from Braid mastermind Jonathan Blow about the perils of success. Otherwise, this is a movie about a subculture, made for that subculture; only hard-core Xboxers need apply.

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By: Keith Uhlich


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Forewarning: This reviewer Keith Uhlich has no idea what hes talking about. It looks like all he really knew was that it was about 3 people and something to do with games. First of all no one says "xboxers" and this documentary is not even focused on xBox. This is a great documentary that unveils the mindset and struggles of an indie game developer. It shows how to them, the video games that they make are their way of expressing themselves. I strongly recommend this for anyone who's interested in gaming. Even if you haven't picked up a video game in your life this is still a highly interesting, thoughtful, and dramatic documentary that you would enjoy to your fullest extent!

Excuse me? Did he just call gaming a sub culture? Indie Game the movie isn't just about the XBLA. It's not just about independent games, it's about game as an art form, crafting and perfecting something that is essentially your life force and sending it out to the whim of people you don't know. The raw emotional power of that alone makes this movie a must watch for people with eyes, ears, and a brain.

"hardcore Xboxers" are 12-year-olds, I doubt they'd like a movie about indie game developers. This is also not a review, this is a blatant opinion, with no arguments behind it. Nobody cares what you thing, they care why you think that way, so they can form an opinion of their own. This movie is completely suitable for anyone who wants to be entertained, and is by no means hard to understand for non-gamers, and even if it was made for gamers (which it wasn't), it was made for a subculture that is a part of pop-culture.

I agree this is about a subculture however it's becomming very mainstream and appealing to many outside the subculture. Comments such as 'only hard-core Xboxers need apply' shows how far Keith Uhlich is out of touch with the subject he's reviewing.

You really think this little text is a review? Damn, even these commentaries below are bigger than your "review". Please, if you want to make critical responses about movies, do it well! It seems like you just ignored the whole film, came back saying few words that look more a synopsis than a review and then chose randomly a score for it. Also, this movie tells more about the sentimentalism, hard work and pressure behind the process of creating a game than anything, so you don't really need to play games to understand the purpose of it. If you didn't get this movie's purpose you REALLY need to get out of this section of this website, as you are proving you don't understand a thing about movies.