Just like Heaven

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David (Ruffalo) sublets a quaint San Francisco apartment, only to find it's inhabited by comely blond ghost Elizabeth (Witherspoon), who's given to ordering him around as if she's his uptight girlfriend. And since he's the only one who can see his new companion, he consequently bewilders onlookers with an apparent tendency to talk to himself. As their initial bickering turns into grudging friendship, it's obvious that these two will get together—if their metaphysical obstacle can be overcome. Despite too much slapstick, Witherspoon and Ruffalo manage to breathe life into what could easily be a one-joke vehicle, or worse, a sappy tear fest.



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Cast and crew

Mark Waters
Peter Tolan, Leslie Dixon
Reese Witherspoon
Mark Ruffalo
Donal Logue
Dina Waters
Ben Shenkman
Jon Heder
Ivana Milicevic

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