L'Aigle à Deux Têtes

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One of Cocteau's more conventional films, based on his own play, with Marais as a poet/anarchist out to assassinate a 19th-century queen. But when she lays eyes on the ragged poet, it is, alas, love at first sight. He is the spitting image of her deceased husband, the King. When the emerging world of the bourgeoisie closes in (in the form of a corrupt Republican official), the couple has no other escape but death. Very Romantic, very Cocteau, and surprisingly, after 40 years, still very moving.

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Cast and crew

Director: Jean Cocteau
Screenwriter: Jean Cocteau
Cast: Edwige Feuillère
Jean Marais
Sylvia Monfort
Jean Debucourt
Jacques Varennes
Yvonne de Bray
Gilles Quéant
Ahmed Abdallah