L'Argent des Autres

Movies, Thriller
This Prix Delluc winner is a surprisingly compulsive microcosmic political thriller, delving into the labyrinthine world of banking and high-financial manipulation. The astute casting of that perennial victim Trintignant - made the scapegoat for a scandal the bank is hushing up, he explores the system in his determination to fight back - points the cinematic connection with the more overtly violent, equally ghastly worlds of Costa-Gravas and Yves Boisset.

By: PT

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Cast and crew

Director: Christian de Chalonge
Screenwriter: Pierre Dumayet, Christian de Chalonge
Cast: Jean-Louis Trintignant
Claude Brasseur
Catherine Deneuve
Michel Serrault
Juliet Berto
Umberto Orsini
Gérard Séty