From the outset of this overwrought biopic, the famed Jewish-Italian painter (Garcia) is established as a self-destructive rebel: He drinks instead of taking care of his family, spits in potential patrons' faces and pisses off Picasso (Djalili), who is alternately his confidant and nemesis. But instead of trying to provide insight into this genius's debilitating madness, Davis prefers to wallow in incoherent and clich├ęd misery, punctuated by poetically oblique imagery. For all its art-house trappings, Modigliani is at heart a Hollywood flick, complete with mind-numbing dialogue ("You can't change destiny"), cheesy music and a climactic art competition concluded by a slowly started round of applause.

By: RS


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Director: Mick Davis
Screenwriter: Mick Davis
Cast: Andy Garcia
Elsa Zylberstein
Hyppolite Girardot
Omid Djalili
Udo Kier
Eva Herzigova
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