Delirious gothic fairytale with Janzurova playing both the roles of 'good' and 'bad' sister in this adaptation of Alexandr Grin's Edwardian-set novel. Tom Hutchinson has called it 'living Aubrey Bearsdley', which captures perfectly the ornate costume and set design, but not the hallucinatory Hammer-like atmospherics and the drenched colour. Often shot from the point of view of the cat (Morgiana), the film is an elegant, beautifully executed, post-'60s essay on sex and repression.

By: WH

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Cast and crew

Director: Juraj Herz
Screenwriter: Juraj Herz, Vladimir Bor
Cast: Iva Janzurova
Josef Abrham
Petr Cepek
Nina Diviskova
Josef Somr
Jirí Paluch
Jirí Lir
Václav Vondracek
Maria Drahokoupilova