Mr Brooks

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2 out of 5 stars
A cat-and-mouse thriller starring…Kevin Costner and Demi Moore? Seriously, did the ’90s never happen? You’d expect some retro-pleasure in watching Costner, easing into his éminence grise phase, and the conspicuously youthful-looking Moore (there’s a Dorian Gray portrait of her stashed away somewhere) doing the whole genius-sociopath-vs.-dogged-cop routine. Writer-director Bruce A. Evans, however, delivers nothing but consistent buzzkills. Most suspense flicks necessitate a slight suspension of disbelief to work; this movie requires jettisoning both logic and part of your frontal lobe to be even semifunctional.

It’s too bad, since Costner obviously relishes playing a dapper businessman with a dark side; his verbal sparring with wanna-be murderer Dane Cook, and William Hurt, cast as the chattiest id this side of Tyler Durden, displays the actor’s facility for gallows humor. But Evans keeps flirting with a potentially rich idea—serial killing as a bourgeois drug addiction, complete with relapses and heredity—only to surround it with indigestible amounts of silliness. A subplot involving another escaped lunatic exists only to justify Seven-style set pieces, and by the time Costner dons a disguise straight out of Deadwood (don’t ask), you’ll wish everyone behind the camera were half as methodically disciplined as the OCD-afflicted title character.


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