Mr Jolly Lives Next Door

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TV's Comic Strip in a niagara of blood, booze, saliva and sick, this has Edmondson and Mayall as a pair of bored escorts who, while taking no care of Nicholas Parsons, become involved with a hit-gang and an axe-man (Cook). The abuse is so gratuitous, the pace so riotous, that a kind of obscene serenity hovers over the mayhem. It's funny. Comic Strippers will adore it, and after a six-pack, so will anybody else.

By: MS

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Cast and crew

Director: Stephen Frears
Screenwriter: Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Roiland Rivron
Cast: Adrian Edmondson
Rik Mayall
Peter Cook
Nicholas Parsons
Peter Richardson
Gerard Kelly
Granville Saxton