Oslo, August 31st

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4 out of 5 stars

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4 out of 5 stars
‘Every junkie’s like the settting sun,’ said Neil Young, and this deeply affecting Norweigan film is a compassionate and cutting portrait of a day in the life of a man whose light is slowly going out. Anders (Anders Danielsen) is a 30-something who arrives in Oslo for a job interview and to catch up with old friends. We learn, too, that he is fresh out of rehab. Over the opening credits, we hear anonymous voices which recall growing up in Oslo but which also hint at the film’s carefully-handled theme of being disconnected from places and people in your past, sometimes tragically so. Several encounters, filmed delicately and intimately by writer-director Joachim Trier (‘Reprise’), investigate this idea further as Anders fluffs the interview, spends time with an old pal who is now a husband and father and goes to a party at the apartment of one of his contemporaries. Trier has adapted a 1930s French novel which in 1963 was adapted as ‘Le Feu Follet’ by Louis Malle, but this feels totally fresh and modern in its concerns. In the end, it’s also quite devastating.



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Joachim Trier
Joachim Trier
Anders Danielsen
Lie Hans Olav Brenner
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