Powder and Petrol

Movies, Comedy
An early Czech cinema classic, the film debut of famous comic duo Voskovec and Werich casts the pair as a traffic warden and a driver uniting in a musical revue. Inspired by circus, jazz, Dada, Keaton and Chaplin, it throws light on the the hybrid approach and tone of such later figures as Petr Zelenka and Vera Chytilová.

By: GE

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Cast and crew

Jindrich Honzl
JirĂ­ Voskovec, Jan Werich
JirĂ­ Voskovec
Jan Werich
Ella Sárková
Bohus Záhorsky
Vojta Plachy-Tuma
Josef Skrivan
Joe JencĂ­k
Milos Nedbal
Jan Sviták