Private's Progress

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A delightful Boulting Brothers comedy about a mild, innocent undergraduate (Carmichael) drafted into the army, falling in with a bunch of spivs, and being sent to Germany disguised as a Nazi to steal art treasures. The absurdly irreverent attitude towards everything - army routines, class snobbery, official protocol, and corruption - is the stuff of amiable, nostalgic farce rather than biting satire, but it's beautifully performed by a host of character actors and often very funny.

By: GA

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Cast and crew

Director: John Boulting
Screenwriter: Frank Harvey, John Boulting
Cast: Ian Carmichael
Richard Attenborough
Dennis Price
William Hartnell
Peter Jones
Victor Maddern
Jill Adams
Thorley Walters
Ian Bannen
John Le Mesurier
Kenneth Griffith
George Coulouris
Christopher Lee