Rumour Has It

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Turns out that any positive rumors associated with this sitcom episode writ large are totally unsubstantiated. It's not the movie's overall lack of inspiration that makes this story of a neurotic woman (Aniston) who discovers that her family history was the basis for The Graduate so galling. That honor goes to this limp bedroom farce's notion that slapping together stars doing their usual shtick—Aniston's pert everywoman, Kevin Costner's middle-aged Midwestern hunk, Shirley MacLaine's foul-mouthed crusty broad—somehow makes up for the complete dearth of comic spark. Never mind Joe DiMaggio—where have you gone, Mike Nichols, or even Blake Edwards?



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Rob Reiner
Jennifer Aniston
Kevin Costner
Shirley MacLaine
Mark Ruffalo
Richard Jenkins
Mena Suvari

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