Small, Beautifully Moving Parts

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Small, Beautifully Moving Parts
Anna Margaret Hollyman in Small, Beautifully Moving Parts

The adage that you should show, not tell, gets thoroughly trampled in this slight feature debut about a pregnant technophile (Hollyman) whose ambivalence about motherhood leads her to seek out her own estranged “off the grid” parent (Peil). When the protagonist isn’t on a quest to meet her mom, she’s interviewing strangers about whether all these 0s and 1s are alienating—a personal quirk that primarily serves to plainly outline the film’s already evident themes. Oddly enough, the film’s best pro-tech argument is its look; shot on a consumer-grade digital camera, it’s a testament to how elegantly framed low-budget projects can look these days.

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By: Alison Willmore


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Release date: Friday May 11 2012
Duration: 72 mins

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