The Great Sinner

Movies, Action and adventure
The year is 1860, the great sin is gambling, and the sinner (Peck) is a young novelist, 'Fyodor', if you will. Isherwood had a hand in the script, which unceremoniously culls episodes and characters from Dostoevsky's youth, Crime and Punishment, and The Gambler. Unfortunately, this prestigious MGM production is heavy-going and overdone. Moorehead plays a bleary pawnbroker; Barrymore, Morgan and Huston are roulette fiends; Gardner is the love interest. They're all out of luck.

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Cast and crew

Robert Siodmak
Ladislas Fodor, Christopher Isherwood
Gregory Peck
Ava Gardner
Melvyn Douglas
Walter Huston
Agnes Moorehead
Ethel Barrymore
Frank Morgan