The House on Garibaldi Street

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Topol as an Israeli secret agent kidnapping Nazi Eichmann from Buenos Aires? The mind boggles. In fact the problems of this humourless piece of faction (made for TV) are elementary: since the real raid (in the '60s) was a perfect success (ending in Eichmann's trial and execution in Israel), the possibilities for action and suspense are severely limited; the acting is often comic; the plot remains juvenile. What survives surprisingly well is a lack of pretension and a workmanlike sense of limitations which, at times - the nighttime kidnapping scene, for example - even generates a mood of gritty low-budget energy.

By: CA

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Cast and crew

Director: Peter Collinson
Screenwriter: Steve Shagan
Cast: Topol
Nick Mancuso
Janet Suzman
Martin Balsam
Leo McKern
Charles Gray
Derren Nesbitt
Alfred Burke