The Prostitution Racket

Sad to see Lizzani, a not inconsiderable talent from the days of Italian neo-realism, reduced to scripting and directing this standard exploitation-exposé stuff. On the basis of 'research' (that dead hand), we are subjected to gritty but uniformly overheated episodes purporting to show how poverty and boredom force women to turn tricks. Quite so, but the relentless villainy of all the pimps, and the submissive foolishness of all the women, makes the whole exercise implausible.

By: JPy

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Cast and crew

Director: Carlo Lizzani
Screenwriter: Carlo Lizzani, Mino Giarda
Cast: Cinzia Mambretti
Cristina Moranzoni
Lidia Di Corato
Danila Grassini
Anna Curti
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