The Wild Bunch

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The Wild Bunch
The Wild Bunch

From the opening sequence, in which a circle of laughing children poke at a scorpion writhing in a sea of ants, to the infamous blood-spurting finale, Peckinpah completely rewrites John Ford's Western mythology—by looking at the passing of the Old West from the point of view of the marginalised outlaws rather than the law-abiding settlers. Though he spares us none of the callousness and brutality of Holden and his gang, Peckinpah nevertheless presents their macho code of loyalty as a positive value in a world increasingly dominated by corrupt railroad magnates and their mercenary killers (Holden's old buddy Ryan). The flight into Mexico, where they virtually embrace their death at the hands of double-crossing general Fernandez and his rabble army, is a nihilistic acknowledgment of the men's anachronistic status. In purely cinematic terms, the film is a savagely beautiful spectacle, Lucien Ballard's superb cinematography complementing Peckinpah's darkly elegiac vision.

By: NF

Release details

Rated: R
Duration: 142 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Sam Peckinpah
Screenwriter: Sam Peckinpah, Walon Green
Cast: Edmond O'Brien
Strother Martin
Ben Johnson
Warren Oates
LQ Jones
William Holden
Jaime Sanchez
Bo Hopkins
Emilio Fernandez
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