Torn Curtain

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Torn Curtain

Spy thriller in which Paul Newman's defecting scientist is followed to East Berlin by his troubled fiancée/assistant (Julie Andrews), unaware that he is playing a double agent game. Hitchcock, seemingly too dour or too uninterested to turn in the title's promise of a Cold War ripping yarn, settles instead for a dissection of the limits of domestic trust, as Andrews' doubts about Newman's fidelity (to her, to the American Way) hinder his undercover mission in pursuit of an Eastern bloc MacGuffin. An above-average quota of glaringly shaky process work; but at least one classic sequence of protracted violence in a farmhouse kitchen.

Release details

Release date:
Wednesday July 27 1966
128 mins

Cast and crew

Alfred Hitchcock
Brian Moore
Wolfgang Kieling
Paul Newman
Julie Andrews
Ludwig Donath
Tamara Toumanova
Hansjîrg Felmy
Lila Kedrova