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U.N. Me

According to the filmmakers, the United Nations is the devil incarnate: initiating peacekeeping missions that turn into rape fests, turning a blind eye to genocide and privileging nations that support terrorism. Codirector Ami Horowitz hogs the screen like a cut-rate Michael Moore, bringing a numbingly simplistic irony and smug self-satisfaction to his faux–rabble-rousing exposé. While the doc does point out some of the institution’s legitimate failings (Rwanda), its take on the U.N. is as one-sided as the official narrative of the War on Terror—a conflict the movie dangerously promotes. This is a disturbingly blinkered film.

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By: Andrew Schenker


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The UN is the only org now present in Syria, and it slams the government every day, it seems. The same human rights council that Mr. Horowitz laughs at suspended Libya and criticized many governments, including Cuba, Russia, the U.S., Israel and more for human rights issues. Mr. Horowitz here has a problem with the U.N. accepting Muslim governments that are enemies of Israel and doesn't like that the U.S. can't decide everything that goes on at the U.N. That's right, the U.N. has 193 Member States, not only 1. And this one, unique organization, that has done extraordinary work around the world and has made big mistakes along the way, had the gut to assure the world before the war that Iraq did not have WMDs. Imagine that! U.N. Me is simply an ignorant lopsided flick produced and directed by a former Lehman Bros. banker with zero journalistic chops.


A fun romp that makes great points. The corruption we have all read about is not just disturbing, it is dangerous. The movie breezes through overviews of scandals and massacres.... quite sad stuff. The director makes it fun and kept my attention but also makes us "get it" without appearing too biased or hitting us over the head. If every documentary is going to be this much fun, sign me up!


It is an entertaining and Very eye opening film. It is well done and flows nicely. The UN was created to promote human rights, peace, and democracy... yet in the spirit of including everyone, every dictator on the planet gets a vote - so NOTHING gets done. The "Human Rights Council" includes folks such as Cuba, China, Russia and Libya.... what a farce. What are their biggest achievements....press releases and a $20B budget! Oh boy. Please watch with an open mind. Thanks

david jermann

Good film, although I already knew what a hopeless sham the U.N. is. The sooner we get rid of it the better. Also, the ideas could have been presented in a more serious tone and maybe at least some coverage of the non-political good things the U.N. has done, as for instance, UNICEF. But even these missions could probably be better addressed by private institutions.


The UN spends nearly $15B per year... yet most folks can't name their biggest "accomplishments". Much of this money is waste, bureaucracy and political bickering. Yes, UNICEF has fed lots of children - but other charities could do that with much less waste and overhead. The UN Human Rights Council includes folks like Cuba, China, Lybia and Russia..... among other dictators. A very sad farce, which somehow still carries the aura or moral authority. This film is eye opening, well worth seeing - but also entertaining!