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AS Classics Diner is an American-style diner liberally decorated with old American memorabilia (such as toys, an old refrigerator and various posters) AS Classics Diner is owned and run by Seiji Minakami, who first opened the diner in 2005 after becoming interested in American diners whilst working at a previous job that required regular visits to the US.

In Dec 2009, the diner released a new menu consisting of approximately 100 items. Seiji points out, ‘We have plenty on offer here, even for those who aren’t keen on hamburgers.’ Despite the aside, the diner’s most popular food is, of course, their hamburgers – ones made of thick, succulent patties that use only carefully selected, hand chopped beef dripping with flavour. One of the additions to the renewed menu is the Hot & Sour Burger (¥1,418), which, in addition to one of the diner’s usual high quality beef patties, includes homemade chili and sour cream – the bite of the sour cream brings out the flavour of the chili. Another favourite here is the diner’s Chili Cheese Burger (¥1,313).

In the evenings, in addition to a special hamburger menu that changes monthly, the diner also offers a good selection of evening meals along with an atmosphere that fits perfectly with a cold beer. True to the owner’s word, not only hamburgers, salads and chips, but a whole range of different dishes, just like at an American diner, are ready to be enjoyed.

Venue name: AS Classics Diner
Address: Orion Komazawa Bldg 1F, 5-9-22 Yakumo, Meguro, Tokyo

Transport: Komasawa-daigaku station (Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line)
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