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A mere handful of years old and already something of a Dubrovnik institution, classy vegetarian restaurant Nishta transplanted its winning formula to Zagreb in January 2014. Occupying a light-filled first floor room in an off-street courtyard, the restaurant sticks resolutely to its vegan mission, although the menu is so varied and flavoursome that non-vegans won’t feel as if their dining choices have been limited by eating here. Subtle use of Indian, Asian and Mexican spices provide the main courses with the requisite global culinary range. There’s a salad bar with lots of pulses and grains, and the healthy message even extends to the alcohol – organic wines from eastern Croatia, small-brewery beer from San Servolo in Istria.     
Venue name: Nishta
Address: Mazarykova 11
Opening hours: 11am-11pm Mon-Sat