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A romantic comedy without the romance. Small-town astrologer Broderick is dumped by girlfriend Preston. He follows her to New York, takes the apartment opposite (she's already moved in with French chef Karyo), and fixes up a sophisticated camera obscura so he can watch them on his sitting room wall. Enter punky black-leather biker Ryan as the chef's spurned squeeze. She's got it worse than Matthew. Together, they mike up the lovers for the full audio-visual experience, then plot revenge. These obsessives would seem to offer scope for dark, edgy humour - until, that is, you cast such overweeningly cute stars as Ryan and Broderick. Meg should give up the hardboiled masquerade and go back to being the lovable ditz she really is. The set-up is way too slow, but first-time director Dunne contrives a couple of maliciously farcical revenge sequences.


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