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Time Out says

This mesmerising spectacle of contemporary 3-D animation is a laudable effort, despite its resemblance to a computer game. The collaborators have pulled in a couple of TV and movie moments recognisable from the past, namely Homer and Bart Simpson and the dance sequence from Antz, and thrust them into the third dimension. And although the two USPs are supremely rendered - Bart, especially, looks very cuddly in the round - neither can hold a candle to the fantastic dreamlike fantasy sequence British team Eye Animation have made for the Pet Shop Boys 'Liberation' single; nor, for that matter, Sony Pictures' dark, surreal segment, 'Monkey Brain Sushi'. Introductory host of the show is a fiesty CGI-generated femme named Phig (voiced by Elfman). Sadly her ensuing battle with a trio of dimwitted computer 'bugs' slightly hampers the flow of what is an otherwise astounding and visually arresting 3-D showcase.

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