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Kier stumbles across a cut-price European soundstage with bleeding eyeballs, before chucking himself under a train to escape the baleful stare of a ghostly little girl. Grave suspicions are raised - and quickly confirmed - that this contribution to the cyberspace subgenre is going to be a depressingly unedifying experience. A trail of further grisly deaths leads Dorff's detective and McElhone's health department researcher to a snuff site hosted by deranged Dr Rea, who abducts women and tortures them to death for the benefit of his internet subscribers. Not content with filching from Seven and Videodrome, the film-makers also throw a vengeful ghost into the machine and steal a few moves from contemporary Asian horror successes. The clunking exposition, narrative incoherence and abysmal dialogue might find favour with aficionados of bad films, but even they won't forgive the sheer nasty mindedness of this lurid mess.


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