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Fri Dec 7 2012

Even die-hard fans of utter Bollywood poppycock may feel cheated by this mindless ‘masala’ movie. Feckless Mansukh (Himesh Reshammiya) wants to prove his worth to his dad who runs Champak, a marriage bureau. He hatches a plot to get Indu (Asin), the daughter of a Mumbai police officer hitched to Punjabi cop Bahattar Singh, also known as Khiladi 786 (Akshay Kumar). It turns out that both families are only pretending to be in the law enforcement profession. A series of unfunny escapades follows.

Director Ashish Mohan’s debut film is loud, crass and offensive. He takes slapstick literally: his idea of humour is for one character to slap another. The usual jokes about Chinese, African, blonde, short and disabled people are plentiful. Ageing leading man Kumar is his usual hammy self, and you wish he wasn’t when he announces ‘Khiladi’s back!’ in his first scene. The rest of the wooden cast are equally irritating. Notably, this is another attempt by supporting actor Himesh Reshammiyya, also a music director and singer, to become a screen star – but his acting is questionable to say the least. This is Bollywood at its worst. Films such as these run the risk of alienating even their core audience.    



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Fri Dec 7, 2012


140 mins

Cast and crew


Ashish Mohan


Asin, Akshay Kumar, Himesh Reshammiya

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