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Time Out says

Tue Oct 18 2005

Sky High is a secret school for teenage superheroes-in-waiting, a gigantic saucer-like campus suspended above Earth. This is where crime-fighting superhero parents like mega-strong Commander (Kurt Russell) and his (aero)dynamic wife Jetstream (Kelly Preston) send their kids to be tutored. Because both Commander and Jetstream are superempowered, their son Will (Michael Angarano) should, by genetic rights, be an ultrahero. But he isn’t – in fact, he’s as normal as most Earthlings; something he’s keen to hide from his proud father. Mike Mitchell’s frenetic Disney live-actioner plays fast and loose with the superhero concept and never takes itself too seriously. ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Incredibles’ are the first things that spring to mind; Will’s father is essentially a live-action version of Mr Incredible (for which Russell hams it to the hilt). A light-hearted and easy-going riot; the kids’ll love it – just don’t let them try any of this at home.


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Fri Oct 21, 2005


100 mins

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