The 6th Day


Science fiction


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Scientific advances have eradicated world hunger, medical labs are replete with cloned human organs for transplants, cloned family 're-pets' mean never having to tell your child the pet bunny has died, and if you're fed up with your girlfriend you can get a virtual one instead. For some, birth-life-death is still the natural order. For others, including power broker Michael Drucker (Goldwyn), the prospect of immortality is too tempting to ignore. Disregarding the 'Sixth Day Law' (respecting the belief that God created man on the sixth day) that forbids human cloning, Drucker, helped by scientist Dr Weir (Duvall), is secretly doing just that. But when the wrong man - Adam Gibson (Schwarzenegger) - is accidentally cloned and comes home to discover another version of himself, Drucker is in danger of being exposed. This is slick and involving, if over-long, and manages to point (albeit unsubtly) to significant ethical issues. Any class, though, derives solely from the always impressive Duvall.

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