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Posted: Tue Aug 10 2010

‘Revenge of the Nerds’-style wish-fulfilment fantasy is fused with Columbine massacre-like reality in Joey Stewart’s self-consciously controversial teen horror movie. ‘All’s fair in sex and high school,’ asserts an uber-babe straight out of ‘Heathers’ and one of the ruling clique who make life hell for unpopular misfits. But after years of bullying, a group of outcasts exact a cruel, calculated revenge. Having spiked the punch at a costume party, windbag leader Dane (Marc Donato), his emo girl sidekick Emily (Lindsay Seidel) and three masked loser pals subject their tormentors to some personalised torture and humiliation – one girl’s flawless face is smeared with caustic face cream. Despite its courting of controversy, ‘The Final’ has nothing interesting or insightful to say about the corrosive effects of bullying. Also, while the set-up is confidently handled, and there are some sly nods to Takashi Miike’s ‘Audition’ and the ‘Saw’ films, Jason Kabolati’s prolix script is marred by redundant sub-plots, logical inconsistencies and preachy monologues that state the obvious: ‘I am the monster you made me,’ declares Dane.


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Fri Aug 13, 2010


93 mins

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Joey Bishop


Marc Donato, Jascha Washington, Whitney Hoy

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