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The international success of The Matrix opened a portal for numerous lower budget imitators - of which this Jet Li double role action-fantasy is one. It pivots shakily on the notion of a 'multiverse', where everyone has an alter ego in other worlds. Rebellious investigator Gabriel Yulaw (Li) has illegally trawled 123 dimensions, murdering his other personae and absorbing their strength. Now a final opponent - kindly, unwitting LA Sheriff Gabe (Li again) - stands in the way of his becoming 'The One'. Jet's forte, and the film's draw, is physical expression: he's most charismatic when he's kicking ass. In the edgy showdown between Yulaw and Gabe, Jet employs two martial art techniques, providing the only convincing contrast between his dual characters. A full-throttle nu-metal soundtrack and the probability of a sequel target an adolescent male audience. With its camp good humour, it's altogether unoriginal, but divertingly daft.


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