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Time Out says

As a complete package, Zemeckis’ surreal, hallucinogenic adventure is pretty inconsequential. But as a demonstration of modern computer animation techniques, it’s a kaleidoscopic marvel. A group of kids board conductor Tom Hanks’ mystery train and are whisked away to have their (materialistic) beliefs reaffirmed by Mr Claus. Cue a roller-coaster ride, stunning camera angles and superb sound effects. The same can’t be said of the ‘motion captured’ cast who look half dead. Perhaps that’s what scared the wits out of several kiddies during the media screening. In the end, then, this film is a) too creepy for the very young and b) mostly irrelevant to anyone expecting at least a modicum of depth. Which leaves computer gamers and stoners to help it on its way to cult status.



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Mon Dec 8, 2014


100 mins

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