The Rundown


Action and adventure

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'Have fun' grins California governor Schwarzenegger, slapping the Rock's boulder-like shoulder in an opening shot cameo. Former wrestler the Rock is Beck, a wannabe pasta chef and debt collector for the Mob. Beck's latest job is to collect Travis (Scott), a wise-ass college archaeology dropout who's gone AWOL up the Amazon, and deliver him back to daddy. But Travis won't leave until he's found a long lost treasure, something a local barmaid/community leader (Dawson) and nasty colonialist goldminer (Walken) are also keen to snaffle. From then on it's jungle japes, ahoy - including mind-bending fruit, kung fu kick-outs, and a wincingly wacky Scots bagpiper (Bremner). Of course every Hollywood hero has his human flaw. Beck 'doesn't do guns', because 'he doesn't like what they do'. Instead, through learning to love, trust and respect his fellow man, Beck falls back in love with the gun - a revelatory moment he celebrates by blasting apart half of Brazil without a trigger-guard of irony. Yes sirree, it seems Arnie's truly passed on the torch.

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