AlunaGeorge interview: ‘Make your bumbag a statement piece’

After charming the charts with ‘White Noise’, has Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge got anything seductive in store for Lovebox?



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Aluna Francis and George Reid

Aluna Francis and George Reid

So Aluna, you’ve had a full-on year bringing garage back to the charts as the girl part of London girl/boy duo AlunaGeorge. Are you taking a rest now?
‘Well, I just had a little count and we’re actually playing at 22 festivals this summer!’

That’s a no, then.
‘We’re still on a high from our tour, and it’s going to be super exciting to play to a combination of people that know us and people that don’t.’

You sound unfeasibly hyped. How so?
‘I love how at festivals it’s not just the music and alcohol, it’s little communities of people that actually live a different way of life and then come to festivals and share that. There’s always such a delicious atmosphere. Plus, I think there’s a lot of really good music about at the moment – artists with new albums like Flying Lotus, Julio Bashmore and Duke Dumont. People are in for a treat.’

What’s your festival fashion?
‘I’ve got some things lined up that are far too loud and outrageous for a normal show: sequins; luminous jackets; stuff that’s just a bit mental…’

How about us mere mortals – how should we attire ourselves?
‘A bumbag is essential. Let’s bring them back! Try and use it as an opportunity for customising. Chuck some sequins and those flump pens in so that you can draw on it. Just make it a statement piece around your waist. Plus, I don’t know why I haven’t seen customised wellies yet. That is a whole blank canvas!’

What other acts are you excited to check out at Lovebox this year?
‘I’d really like to see Gaslamp Killer and Gold Panda, and get some tips off D’Angelo – he is an awesome vocalist.’

It must be nice to be playing a great festival that’s in your hometown?
‘Absolutely. I don’t think that Londoners get enough opportunities to take a day off. Within half an hour they’ve warped themselves into festival mode – they’ve taken off all of their layers, they’ve got sparkly hats on and they’re just going for it. The attitude is – “We’ve got one day guys, let’s do this!”’

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