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Listen to the Time Out mixtape: our weekly round-up of our favourite new tracks, mixes and music videos. Check out the hottest new music here, and come back each Friday for more.

Bwani Junction – 'Civil Wars'

One of our favourite new bands is Filthy Boy, and we're also very keen on Vampire Weekend, so it was a nice surprised to find out that there's a Scottish band making indie music that's pitched perfectly between those two points. Edinburgh boys Bwani Junction have in fact already been around for a few years and played a few festival dates, but they've caught our attention with their new EP 'Civil War' (April 29). This is the anthemic title track. If it leaves you wanting more, here (until the album comes out) is the group's cover version of Psy's 'Gentleman' in the style of Mumford And Sons.

Daft Punk – 'Get Lucky' (feat. Pharrell Williams)

So, here it is: the new and funky-as-hell Daft Punk track, released in full after weeks of fake versions and false alarms. It has it all, really: a pumping house-disco bassline, a masterfully foot-itching funk guitar line from Nile Rodgers, some silky vocal moves by Pharrell and those damned Parisian dance-bots punching vocodered hooks all over the shop. It even has a bit where the bass cuts out then slams back in, followed by some sleek Studio 54 strings – perfection. If this doesn't get you moving, book yourself a check-up.

Azealia Banks – 'Yung Rapunxel'

Remember when Nicki Minaj tried to get all scary at last year's Grammy's, and it all went a bit wrong and ended up looking a bit like a lame tribute to 'The Phantom of the Opera'? Well, when Azealia Banks wants to get scary, she gets really damn scary. Like, red-and-yellow-eyed-owls-flying-out-of-the-screen scary. Tiny-mouths-instead-of-eyes scary. Smashing-bottles-on-riot-police-in-an-apocalyptic-mist scary. And that's without mentioning the hand with an eye on it. Or the mechanical bull. Luckily, though, it's not all about the video – 'Yung Rapunxel' is a cracking new track from the young New York MC, with an industrial edge and spades of dark rave synths. In fact, it sounds like she's swapped a musical diet of ballroom-scene house for a new obsession with The Prodigy. It all bodes well for Banks's much-delayed debut album, which is due, er, any day now.

Gold Panda – 'Brazil'

It's coming up for two and a half years since Derwin Schlecker (or Powers, depending on who you believe) released his excellent debut album 'Lucky Shiner' as Gold Panda. Now, at last, he's on the cusp of releasing a follow-up, called 'Half of Where You Live', and this is the first taste we've got of what's on it: a shining, shimmering, drifting but dancefloor-ready piece of electronic bliss called 'Brazil'. What with its dreamy, otherworldly vibe, it sounds like Gold Panda might be referring less to the South American country and more to the Terry Gilliam film. Crank this one up so you can listen out for the sublime bass melodies.

Savages – 'Shut Up'

With a good chunk of the world now plugged into 24-hour social media, it's strange that there hasn't been much music made to address the theme of information overload. Savages, one of London's very finest young bands, have seized that theme with both hands. They've banned phones at their gigs; they've embraced the principles of musical purity, sincerity and passion in an age of ironic distancing and reference points; and, in a spoken introduction their latest video, they've waged war on the 'constant distraction' of the internet age's 'many stimulations'. 'You are distracted,' they say. 'You are available.' Yes, that's you – you there, gawping at your computer screen with your iPad in one hand and your phone in the other and your shortened attention span. Our advice: do as they say. Close all your other browser windows. Press play. Listen. Watch. And, for just over five minutes, shut up.

BONUS TRACK: Melt Yourself Down – 'Fix My Life'

Warning: strobe-heavy video!

Melt Yourself Down is a London-based coming-together of free-thinking musicians from some of the capital's leading groups, including Acoustic Ladyland, Heliocentrics, Zun Zun Egui and Hello Skinny. 'Fix My Life', which was their first physical release, is a scalp-frazzling chunk of psychedelic funk with a suitably eye-watering video that we ran on the Mixtape back in February. Now MYD are about to release their blisteringly weird and wonderful self-titled debut album, and we thought we'd run 'Fix My Life' one more time. If you don't want your mind expanded, look away now.

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