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Shangaan Electro – ‘Kulungwani’

What’s that, you’ve made a bangin’ new dance track at 140 BPM? Yawn. Move over to the slow lane and then get some shangaan in your life. Shangaan is a frenetic South African street dance that’s attracting crazy-loads of buzz at the moment (funnily enough, we flagged them up as a recent clubbing pick), thanks largely to the ace Shangaan Electro collective (featuring South African producers Nozinja and Tshetsha Boys), who blend the hyper-speed – but somehow still gentle – rhythms and vocals with keyboard marimba bass. Sound-wise, ‘Kulungwani’ is the perfect intro to shangaan, and the video above contains just a taste of the incredible, physics-defying dancing which sits at the centre of the scene.

Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht – ‘Hang on to Life’

Pretty much anything that neon-haired poster boy for the alt/dream-pop scene Ariel Pink does is going to be well worth a listen (his sublime 2010 ‘Before Today’ album especially), and his latest song, a collaboration with Jorge Elbrecht of New York haze-pop act Violens, is no exception. ‘Hang on to Life’ grabs the sunnier sides of both artists’ musical personas and runs with them, through a field of brightly coloured flowers, before joyously twirling round and then going to grab a malt and hang out at the diner with your buds. As ever with Pink, there are hints of heartbreak, but overall it’s a beautifully summery pop trip – complete with those unmistakable vocal hooks – that evokes nostalgia in an intelligent and very appealing way. Countless derivative psych bands of the moment take note.

Nothankyou – ‘Know Yourself’

'We met on Myspace.’ How many times have we heard that phrase from collaborating musicians? Well, here’s another example, but don’t worry, it’s got far more longevity than Myspace itself. Nothankyou is experimental pop multi-instrumentalist Tom Vek and Olga Bell from US alt-indie rockers Dirty Projectors, two thoroughly quirky musicians who’ve combined to produce this delightful crossover electro track. A bubbling synthesised bassline hits you immediately, before ‘Know Yourself’ locks into a groove that combines an irresistible cowbell rhythm with wandering female vocals and the kind of leftfield guitar riffs that both Vek and Bell thrive off. More from Nothankyou? Yesplease.

Letherette – ‘After Dawn’ (Bibio Remix)

Garage-referencing house and bass duo Letherette have been making some very enjoyable examples of colourful, accessible dance music recently, collected on their self-titled debut album that was released earlier this year. Their latest release, scheduled for August 26, is the single ‘After Dawn’, a warm, electro-infused track taken from their album. All well and good, but perhaps even more appealing is the remix from experimental electronic folkster Bibio, who gives the track an irresistible genre-hopping makeover, starting off by adding nostalgic, wailing synth-funk and a whiff of French disco, before stripping things back and working the track into something approaching ghostly electronica, finally layering some chunky, distorted beats over the top that flirt with drum and bass and dubstep, before flittering away into the ether before you have time to realise what’s going on.

Ta-ku – ‘I Miss You’

Australian producer Ta-ku may be a relatively undiscovered talent this side of the pond, but that could all be about to change. His debut album ‘Dowhatyoulove’, released in June, showcased his incredible knack for creating original and versatile tracks. On ‘Boom’, he manages to perfectly blend a Nas-inspired hip hop beat with an electric sitar – quite a feat. ‘I Miss You’ is Ta-ku’s latest offering and the track’s true beauty lies within its tranquillity. Keeping things simple with only a couple of vocal layers, gentle drums and a soft bass, this song deserves to be on Sunday BBQ playlists across the country.

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