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January 2017 events in Tokyo

Plan your January in Tokyo with our events calendar of the best things to do, including concerts, winter festivals and art exhibits

January in Tokyo can be cold, dark and dreary – especially once the New Year's holidays are over. On the other hand, the first month of the year is also the time for classic winter festivals, tasty food shows and ice skating under the starry sky, not to mention the Coming of Age celebrations or those rare but hilarious snowy days when this oh-so-orderly city is thrown into disarray. So calm down, take a break from those New Year's resolutions and check out our picks of the best events Tokyo has to offer.

Our January highlights


'David Bowie Is'

Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, Major Tom...David Bowie was known by many names during a career that spanned half a century and cemented his status as both an unstoppable musical innovator and a 20th-century pop-cultural presence unlike, well, any other. This feverishly awaited collection, culled by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London...

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Warehouse Terrada , Tennozu Until Sunday April 9 2017

Jomonesque Japan

Highlighting the art and culture of Japan's prehistoric Jomon period (ca 14,000-300 BCE), particularly a trove of 5,000-year-old kaendoki earthenware vessels found around the Shinano River in Niigata, this display at the Kokugakuin Museum should be particularly fascinating for fans of Lovecraft and Giger...

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Kokugakuin University Museum , Shibuya Until Sunday February 5 2017

It’s a Sony

Ginza's Sony Building will turn 50 in March 2017, and to mark the anniversary, they're tearing it down (quite literally). From April, the old building will be demolished and replaced by a new Sony Park, which is set to open by summer 2018. But before all that happens, the famed electronics manufacturer is hosting this exhibition...

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Sony Building , Ginza Until Friday March 31 2017

Comical Edo People by Utagawa Hirokage

An ukiyo-e artist shrouded in mystery, Utagawa Hirokage was a student of the great Utagawa Hiroshige but never rose to the same level of prominence as his master. What Hirokage did accomplish, however, was making the Edoites of his time laugh: woodblock print series such as 'Comical Views of Famous Places in Edo' and 'Great Battle of the Vegetables and the Fish' depicted city folk wildly goofing around...

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Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art , Harajuku Until Sunday January 29 2017

Chinese Spring Festival (Lunar New Year)

While it's fun to visit whatever the season, Yokohama's Chinatown district is never livelier than during its New Year festival. The two weeks of festivities are stacked with events, including a countdown party on the night of January 27...

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Yokohama Chinatown , Chinatown Friday January 27 2017 - Saturday February 11 2017

Earth Garden Winter

You know that people are serious about all that 'love the earth' stuff when they're still willing to gather in Yoyogi Park around mid-January. The winter edition of the quarterly Earth Garden features the usual array of eco-themed stalls, food stands and workshops, with music and art performances also taking place...

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Sunday January 22 2017

Martin Scorsese and Shusaku Endo Programme

Silence is Martin Scorsese's passion project. Based on a novel by one of Japan’s most respected writers, Shusaku Endo, it is reportedly a film the Goodfellas auteur has been wanting to make for years. Celebrating the January 21 release of the flick, which follows two idealistic young Portuguese priests who set sail to Japan in 1640 on a mission to find their mentor...

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Waseda Shochiku , Takadanobaba Until Friday January 27 2017