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Planet of Snail

Planet of Snail Photograph: Jinoh Bok

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Tue Jun 19 2012

All couples live in a bubble, a world of two that no one else can ever really know. That’s especially true of the husband and wife in this incredibly inspiring Korean doc. Young-Chan is deaf and blind. He likens himself to a ‘snail’ because he sees the world through touch (although the image of a snail doesn’t do justice to how his fingers dance). He and wife Soon-Ho (bit of a mother hen, warm, exceedingly cool style) communicate by tapping the tops of each others’s fingers like piano keys. Soon-Ho has a spinal disability and is not much taller than Young-Chan’s waist. 
They’re remarkable, this gang of two. They have so much fun together. Every challenge is an adventure (changing a fiddly lightbulb becomes an epic hour-long feat of teamwork). But that fuzzy never-never conversation other couples have – which of us will go first? – is more pressing for them. Soon-ho may not be around forever and Young-Chan needs to learn to live independently. It’s very moving. 


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