Wild Side


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Twenty minutes longer than the 1995 version released on video in the US, this arrives restored to the late Donald Cammell's original intentions. Hopes for a late rally from the maverick behind Performance may not be fully realised, but this awkward crossbreed of erotic thriller, black farce and lyrical love story certainly has the gumption to risk absurdity for the sake of cavalier spirit. Money problems compel California bank exec Alex (Heche) to moonlight as an expensive call girl. As such, she encounters Walken's fugitive money launderer, who's sexually taken with her and eager to exploit her access to the banking system. His oafish driver (Bauer) has his eye on Heche too, but as soon as she meets Walken's spouse Chen a spark ignites. Can the purity of their desire extricate them from the surrounding cycle of money, power and sexual domination? Walken connoisseurs will doubtless enjoy his declamatory style, but he turns this shark with skewed morals into a show-off routine, making the rest of the movie rather hard to take seriously.


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Cast and crew


Steven Bauer, Zion, Richard Palmer, Allen Garfield, Anne Heche, Christopher Walken, Adam Novack, Joan Chen


Frank Mazzola, Hamish McAlpine, Nick Jones, Elie Cohn, John Langley


Frank Mazzola

Production Designer:

Claire Bowin


Donald Cammell


Sead Mutarevic


China Kong, Donald Cammell


Ryuichi Sakamoto, John Hassell

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