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IMAX Glasgow

© Stephen Robinson

One of only four supersize IMAX screens in Scotland, the one at the Glasgow Science Centre is breathtaking to behold

There are many reasons to head for the striking Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) on the south bank of the Clyde at Pacific Quay but for movie fans one of the most compelling might be the chance to see a film at the biggest screen in Scotland. The Cineworld IMAX at GSC shows gee-whizz, 3D educational movies as part of its museum remit, all around 45 minutes long (though there is an IMAX supplement to the basic ticket price). When the venue functions as a more familiar part of the Cineworld chain, however, it offers the standard multiplex list of blockbusters and current releases in 2D or 3D. Why cross the river however when there are perfectly good cinemas in the city centre? Although the IMAX phenomenon began way back in the 1970s and there are now hundreds of IMAX screens worldwide, there are only four in Scotland. This is the longest-established, and the space age building and riverside location add a certain something to the experience. It shows movies in far better resolution and at a far greater size than conventional venues – you will see every hair on Brad Pitt's head, every wrinkle on that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and every detail on Matthew McConaughey's spacesuit.

Venue name: IMAX Glasgow
Address: Glasgow Science Centre
50 Pacific Quay
G51 1EA
Website: http://www.cineworld.co.uk/cinemas/glasgow-science-centre
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